CPR – Now Officially a DOT_ORG!

Somehow, when we started this adventure, we registered as business and a “dot_com” while our intent was to create a vehicle for bringing cutting edge theater to our local community, Chehalem Valley and (eventually) to Willamette Valley at large.

Fast forward!  We are now a 501(3)(c) – a charitable organization that is involved in the arts, culture and humanities – which is what we always intended. It took almost 2 years of pestering the IRS to change our status from a “corporation” (like we’re in this to make money).  We’ve arrived. We’re there. We are a charitable ORGanization!

Now when you become a sponsor or donate money to us, it is your choice:

  • If you are a business, you may prefer to contribute and take a marketing expense.
  • If you are an individual, your contribution is tax deductible.

Bringing cutting edge theater to Chehalem Valley and Willamette Valley is our business. Oops, we’re not a business anymore!

Thanks for supporting CPR!