An Empty Plate in the Cafe du Grand Boeuf – the Director’s Wrap-up

In a word, this production was “perfection!” All of the run was great and then here it was — the final performance — and, it was rock solid. We had the most amazing party at Jim and Karen Halliday’s home (the incredible hosting prowess of these two is formidable)! Martha Halliday (our unofficial understudy) was there in her favorite jersey. Kathleen Buck and I were spoilt by the cast with flower baskets. But, it was watching perfect performances of timing, pace, pathos, comedy and sketchy blocking (from me) that rocked my world. This extraordinary convergence of people made for the right show — in the right space — at the right time. Nancy Savonick and Steve Lund brought the poisonous dessert every evening…made fresh to order. The cast was flawless – Jaime Speelman-Flatters, Nate Travers, Gerry Birnbach, Jeff Sargent, Karen Halliday, James C Halliday were the hardest working people in show biz…I thank you — all you James Brownses!

martha hallidayAnd then there’s Jim’s mom, Martha Halliday. She came to every rehearsal, knew all the lines and had spot-on commentary. She honestly could have stood in for anyone who may have been out ill. What a pleasure to make a new friend in her. She is so young at 97. She inspires me to live a long and happy life full of family, joy, good health and culture!

All and all, one of the finest productions and teams I have ever had the pleasure to direct!