Notes from the Director About “Empty Plate”

When I read Empty Plate, I was hooked right away.  It seemed only fitting that a play about exquisite food be presented at the epicenter of the culinary universe (loca-vores galore), Oregon.  As exquisite a play as it is, we had a scary week or two in October/November 2013 when we learned we had to scuttle our planned January production and start a fresh search for our January show.  Really….start from scratch at such a late date?  Finding a new script and getting the casting for a new show within two weeks is a daunting task!  But, when Carr presented the board with the Empty Plate script we were all smitten.  By late November we voted to do it and luckily we were able to cast it so voila — we were off and running.  Well, not running that fast… those darned holidays got in the way posing a huge obstacle to our rehearsal schedules. We couldn’t get together as a cast for weeks and a member of two became pretty sick…  It was touch and go.  Would we make it, skating on such thin ice?

Well, this hearty, intrepid crew worked hard those 4 weeks.  Without ever getting a chance to rehearse in person they had all of their lines memorized.  Having that prep work done proved to be a brilliant strategy because we got down to brass tacks at the first rehearsal. In other words, we actually did hit the ground running!  We have had a whale of a good time discovering the blocking, jokes, humor, pathos and heart of Empty Plate — even at a breakneck pace.  We hope you enjoy your evening as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you!