Thanks to our sponsors & partners who provide all sorts of support, from generous in-kind and monetary donations to loaning us rare treasures for our sets, hosting us for rehearsal, loaning us equipment – they are always here for us!

                                2016 Sponsors

CPR’s 2016 Season is generously sponsored by:
    Oregon Jewish Community Foundation

“Love is a Many Splintered Thing” sponsored by:
   Keybank Foundation

                               2016 Donors

Ethel Birnbach
Jack + Melanie Birnbach
Kathleen Buck, Artist
Brian + Barbara Doyle
Terry Emery, Want + Emery CPA
Jim + Karen Halliday
Michelle Lipka,
Redman Wines, Cathy Redman
Valley Wine Merchants, Andrew Turner
Julie + Walter Want
David + Michal Wert




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  • Season tickets for 6
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Questions about Sponsorship? Please contact Donna Gentry (971) 264-9409 or email cpr (at)